Who is in your Circulum on 𝕏 ?

With Circulum, make your circle, modify it with your favorite colors, then share it on 𝕏, it will create engagement for sure!

It's free, fast, and without connecting to your 𝕏 account.

For more information, see our privacy policy and our terms of service.


Why choose Circulum.io over another app?

Circulum.io has been designed to respect the privacy of users and does not use any login credentials or API access via user authorization, nor does the application use private messages from 𝕏. Your privacy is important to us.

Add or remove circles
Also adjust the color of the background and the links between the circles.

Add or remove circles

Add from 1 circle to 9 circles, and from 1 friend to 50 friends per circle, then remove the friends you don't want to see in your circle. Choose the background color, as well as the color of the links between avatars and the color of the outline of the avatars.

Who's in your circles ?
Hide or unhide your friends in your circles.

See who is in your circles

Take a few minutes to check out the people in your circle of friends. Remove those you don't want to appear in your circle, or unhide all friends, with just one click. You can also see the score and understand the ranking and positioning of your friends in your circle.

Share on 𝕏
Share your circles with your friends on 𝕏. They will be retweeted for sure!

Share your circle on 𝕏

Circulum's engine, its commitment and its popularity are due to the many recurring and regular users who share their circle of friends generated thanks to this application every day, so, in turn, easily share your circle on 𝕏, in two clicks.


Maxence Rose Hey there, I’m the author behind β€˜Circulum.io’.

Passionate about web development since childhood, I learned to develop first for fun, then over the years I created several websites and today I have made my career out of my passion. In love with the social network 𝕏, I decided to create an application that would allow us to know with whom we interact. This application is called Circulum.io, and I offer it to you for free.

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